How to add products?

To add products to our platform, you first need to decide how you want to proceed. There are 4 options:

  • Manually: if you have a small number of products, it is still possible to create each product sheet by hand on the Pro Platform.

  • Via a spreadsheet import: you can download the spreadsheet template provided by Open Food Facts, or import directly an extraction from your IT system into the Pro platform. 

  • Via product catalogues' connectors. If you are client at EQUADIS, AGENA3000 or BAYARD, you can upload data in Open Food Facts in 1 click. If you are working with another PIM (Product Information Management), please contact us :

  • Via a tailored connexion between your company and Open Food Facts. If you count more than 1000 products in your portfolio, we can discuss the opportunity of build a specific connector to ease the data transfer.

    For more details, we invite you to download our user guide and/or consult our video tutorials :-)